Our Mission

Our mission is to *enhance the lives of individuals and families by relieving pain, reducing stress, assisting healing and personal growth, preventing disease and offering incredible opportunity.

By growing the clinical concept and expanding the unique combination in a medical spa and health resort retreat, we are spreading wellness to more population.

Revitalizing Head Massage

We want to foster high quality health care, education and research.  Integrating acupuncture, oriental medicine and nutrition with good habits of daily living into the American health care system.  Through these urban retreat centers and medical spas, we can bring together health and beauty with prevention.

We want to expand public understanding of the professions in the wellness industry.  We want to promote and cultivate empowerment of individuals and families locally, regional and national levels.

Our mission is to give back to the community through services and products in gift certificates for events, fundraisers, scholarships for special needs cases and give back a portion to women’s shelters.

We are enabling people to live with independence and self reliance.  We have been helping women and men help themselves and others.  Assisting in saving lives, improving quality of lives of women and families.  Also we are empowering women with opportunity.

Healthcare business is now approximately 1/7th of the US economy today, about $1.4 trillion.  By year 2010, an additional trillion of the US economy will be devoted to the “wellness” industry.  Boomers are responsible for roughly $5 trillion today of our $10 trillion national economy.  All these boomers are about to add an additional $1 trillion to our economy as they seek to preserve what they hold dearest- their youth.

“VISION is having an acute sense of the possible.  It is seeing what others don”t see.  And when those with similar vision are drawn together; something extraordinary occurs.”  Shearson Lehman