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Guests must check-in prior to services. Being warm and relaxed helps maximize the benefits of your massage. We recommend preparing by spending 10-20 minutes in the steam room. Please inquire about the availability of a couple’s massage.

Swedish Massage

The classic Swedish massage incorporates long strokes and kneading to soothe and increase circulation. We use Glen Ivy’s own rich massage oils to maximize beneficial effects and facilitate circulation. A light-to-medium massage recommended for first-time clients.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique based on energy circulation. The therapist applies rhythmic pressure along meridian lines, clearing blocks in energy pathways.

Full Body Swedish, Shiatsu or Lymphatic Drainage Massage (50 minutes) $75
Deluxe Full Body(80 minutes) $115

Express Massages

(20 minutes) $40

The following Express Massages are available at The Path to Wellness:

Back of Body Swedish

Includes back, back of legs, head, neck, and shoulders

Hand and Foot Swedish Massage

A unique modality promoting better health and well being through applying pressure to various points on the feet. Benefits are based on the concept that specific points correspond to various organs, glands, and other areas of the body. A remarkable experience!The perfect cure for tired feet

The Stress Reliever

Our bodies tend to accumulate tensions in the head, neck, and shoulders. Concentrated attention to these areas earns this excellent massage treatment its name! (20 minutes)

Lymph Drainage Therapy

A Certified Therapist, trained by Dr. Chickly (Upledger Institute) utilizes traditional lymph drainage techniques to detect the specific rhythm, direction, depth & quality of the lymph flow anywhere in the body. They utilize LDT to assess overall circulation and determine the best alternate pathways for draining the body-fluid stagnations.

Available as a full massage or express massage.


These address very specific structures, including the brain & spinal cord, along with pathologies related to the central and autonomic nervous system, such as closed head injuries, whiplash, headaches, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, cognitive behavior dysfunction, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, post meningitis syndrome, birth difficulties or trauma & feeding difficulties.

Available as a full massage or express massage.

Red Fire Medicine Stone Therapy

Perfect for those who find it difficult to unwind. Wonderfully water-warmed, smooth stones are placed on your body to melt away muscle tension and used as massage tools in the hands of your specially trained therapist. The stones impart their warmth to you, evoking a depth of relaxation and comfortably raising your body temperature. Near the end of your treatment, cool stones are applied to gently bring you back to earth, refreshed and renewed.

Full Body Red Fire Medicine Stone (80 minutes) – $115
Back of Body Red Fire Medicine Stone (50 minutes) – $75 – All of the wonderful, relaxing benefits of our Stone Therapy Massage concentrated on your back of body.
Express Fire Medicine Stone (20 minutes) – $40


This is a Japanese healing technique, which is extremely soothing. This light to non-touch method is non-invasive and the ultimate in relaxation. Staying fully clothed and lying down, universal energy is transmitted through the palms of the therapist into the person, thing, or place.

Full Body (80 minutes) $115
Head and Front of Body (50 minutes) $75

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