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Body Wrap and Other Body Treatments

The Path To Wellness presents Body Treatments Tulsa Ok. These Treatments will help you get glowing and youthful skin. You can choose from a variety of our Massage and body wrap treatments. Each of our Body Wrap Tulsa OK is different, made up of unique natural ingredients especially created to heal and glow different skin types. Our aestheticists recommend the best treatment based on your skin type.

Our Body Treatments Tulsa OK will make you glow from head to toe giving you a natural makeover without the use of any harmful or harsh chemicals. The general procedure includes exfoliation and moisturization, with various essential oils. Body wrap Tulsa OK also known a Body Cocoon has multiple health benefits. It enhances the appearance and overall health of your skin and is also recommended to reduce body measurements.

Some of the Body Wraps at The Path To Wellness are:

Path to Wellness Essential Oil Wrap: A rich experience of our body massage with aromatic oils, to re-energize your body, the cocoon wrapping and luxury face massage.

Papaya Enzyme Clay Wrap: Rich Papaya Enzymes are a major skin-replenishing factor along with the thermal cocoon wrap to increase body heat and blood circulation. The clay exfoliates the dead skin giving it an eternal glow.

Eucalyptus Wrap: The application of Eucalyptus oil on the skin enhances the experience of this wrap. A thorough massage of the scalp, neck and face helps in the absorption of the oil. Giving a calming effect.

Be a part of our family by scheduling an appointment as soon as possible. We are always eager to serve you and to give you an unforgettable experience. All our Body Treatments Tulsa OK, are practiced by professionals, who have years of experience in this art. We invite you all to experience the enriching experience of Body Wrap Tulsa OK. You can also connect with us online. So Hurry Up!

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