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Exceptional Spa Therapy that rejuvenates you

Our tight busy schedule in today’s competitive world barely gives time to take care of ourselves. Amidst easy to prepare breakfasts and hustles, we cannot manage time to even look at ourselves. So, occasional spa therapy is a must. Only a comprehensive session of spa in Tulsa, OK can revive our charm. At The Path to Wellness Urban Spa, we offer a wide range of spa treatments that take care of your physical and mental well-being. Our spa packages in Tulsa, OK are preferred by people for their effectiveness. We especially invite eminent therapists in our team to provide professional massage therapy Tulsa OK. Their in-depth knowledge and expertise heal the body, mind, and soul by giving a relaxing day spa in Tulsa, OK.

Rejoice Skin Care Therapy within your Spa Moments

We prefer to provide the most amusing yet soulful experience to you all. Hence, we include a plethora of relaxing methods in our spa packages in Tulsa, OK. One of the most effective treatments is our skincare therapy. A glowing skin signifies a healthy life. And therefore, we pay attention to improving your skin health. Skincare therapy includes four essential stages. They are:

Cleansing- Let us deep clean your skin from the core.

Exfoliate- Once you get clean skin, you should focus on exfoliating the dead cells and outer skins.

Toning- Our spa therapists are specialized in toning your skin perfectly. The swift pressure and twists on your skin improve the blood circulation under your skin.

Moisturize- Final touch is moisturizing your skin with the essential creams and oils.

Personalized Care is what You Need

Every individual needs different kinds of care and treatment. When it comes to a special day spa in Tulsa, OK, The Path to Wellness Urban Spa relies upon expert advice. First, we suggest you consult an expert aesthetician to know your needs. Also, you may require specific product recommendations.

Once you are ready with the list of your personal needs and choices, we customize our spa in Tulsa, OK accordingly.