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Enjoy The Benefits of Facials, Waxing and Ear Candling Tulsa OK

The Path To Wellness brings you a wonderful chance to feel beautiful from the inside out, with the help of our range of Facials, Waxing and Ear Candling Tulsa OK. Everyone has a different skin type and needs skincare according to it. To make your skin look forever young and radiant join us for facials Tulsa OK. We also provide full body waxing Tulsa OK. If you haven’t heard about Ear Candling, it’s time to try something new!

Our Range of Facials at The Path To Wellness

We provide the best of Skin care in our Facials Tulsa Ok. Cleansing, Exfoliating, Toning, Moisturization are extremely essential for skin. In order to maintain the natural glow of your skin facial is the easiest way. At The Path To Wellness we offer a variety of facials Tulsa, OK. Check them out to enjoy the complete benefit, some of them are:

  • The Path To Wellness Spa Facial.
  • Express Path to Wellness Spa Facial.
  • The Path to Wellness Vitamin Repair Facial.
  • And many more!

Waxing and Ear Candling Services at Tulsa OK

Regular Shaving of hands and legs may be a quick solution to fix your hair problem. But if you want a long term and more sustainable option, waxing is the answer. But doing it at home, on your own can get a lot messy. Plus you may not be able to get rid of hair from certain places of your body.

We have experienced staff who can do waxing in a short period of time and by causing a minimum amount of pain. Be it Hand waxing, Leg waxing, full body waxing or sidelocks. Book an appointment online for Waxing Tulsa OK soon!

Ear Candling is also known as ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy is our specialty at The Path To Wellness. Our professionals trained in this pseudoscientific practice will perform it with extreme precision. Ear Candling Tulsa OK, Is worth your time and money. We guarantee the results and safety of our clients. Contact us online or visit us at The Path To Wellness for your session of Ear Candling Tulsa OK!

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