About Us

In the middle of the bustle of the city lies a paradise nestled in the shadow mountain shopping center overlooking Tulsa at 61st and Sheridan…The Path to Wellness Urban Spa. Retreat.

Healing Spa TreatmentsLong before Europeans came to Oklahoma, Native Americans enjoyed the overlooking view of peace and majesty where there would be gatherings, counsel, and healing. The first Native Americans regarded the area as a deeply safe and peaceful place, as indeed they remain today.  Soothing hot rocks which work wonders on body and soul.  Today, the warm steam baths permeating the air with eucalyptus and soothing hot rock therapy are combined with professional body treatments and skin care services, a unique Japanese and European style.  The entire experience is a body mind soul treatment through Oriental and Native American Medicine and Therapies.

Since 1986 we have been enjoying the calming subtropical setting with cascading greenery, and sparkling water fountain, it’s plain why The Path to Wellness Urban Spa Retreat is known as Medical Day Spa with a Japanese flare with Oriental Medicine using Acupuncture and herbal remedies.  Except for individual treatments, use of all facilities is included in the treatment fee.

Medical Day Spa Staff

The Path to Wellness has been offering expanded health services to the community since 1986, providing a holistic/alternative approach to well being. Our philosophy emphasizes that the human body is an integrated organism, in which no part functions independently (mind, body, spirit, emotion). Thus when we give ourselves adequate care we are self-regulating and self-healing.

Teresa Wilkinson, RN, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and director of The Path to Wellness, says the idea is to have a healthy lifestyle, by balancing mind, body, spirit, and emotion. As a health clinic and healing arts center, The Path to Wellness provides therapies to restore, as well as maintain, wellness.

It’s about time:  While two weeks on a cruise ship may be wonderful, it’s amazing how much good it does you to give yourself a well-deserved one day break from your busy routine.  This is just what The Path to Wellness Spa is all about.  Not only will you enjoy a mini-vacation, but also your skin and body will love you for it!  Allowing yourself the time to spend part if a day at The Path to Wellness is your own luxurious gift to yourself.

It’s about place:  At The Path to Wellness Medical Spa, the earth gives us a gift of water warmed in her deep heart, and gratitude is our soul’s natural gift in return.  In giving and receiving is found equanimity, peace, and well being—the essences of the spa experience.  If your day at The Path to Wellness Medical Spa helps deepen your knowledge of these priceless luxuries, then we’ll have been of service.

It’s about friends:  The best things in life are more fun with friends, and a spa visit is certainly one of them.  Many Spa guests come with friends and often meet new ones.  A “girls’ day out” is a popular occasion.  After all, you need some help to get your day special with friends and A Path to Wellness visit is a special day for yourself and those close to you.

It’s about YOU: The Path to Wellness Medical Spa experience beckons you to relax, reflect, revitalize—it’s your time and space just for yourself—and most important of all, rejoice!  Have fun!  You’ve earned it.