Welcome to the PATH! The PATH is an expanded health service to the community, providing holistic approach to the health and well-being of the individual. Our philosophy emphasizes that the human body is a unit, an integrated organism in which no part functions independently (mind, body, spirit, emotion). The human organism is a complex system of integral checks and balances which tend to be self-regulating and self-healing when we give ourselves adequate care. Through the process of moving toward an optimal state of health and well-being, it is necessary to receive help from therapy as well as practice good habits of daily living. The ideal is to have a healthy lifestyle, balancing mind, body, spirit and emotion. As a health clinic and healing arts center we provide a number of body work therapies as a means of restoring and maintaining wellness.

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Structural Balancing
  • Steam
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God is Love

Joy is love’s strength

Peace is love’s security

Kindness is love’s character

Goodness is love’s character

Patience is love’s endurance

Faithfulness is love’s confidence

Gentleness is love’s humility

Self-control is love’s victory

God is Love!

Path to Wellness, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Day Spa

www.tulsapath.com; 918-494-0082

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Mother’s Day treat at Designer Showcase

This is an announcement about Designer Showcase 2012 @ The McGuire-Hood Mansion:

PLACE:  1132 E. 18th Street

DATE:  April 27-May 27th

WHAT:  Gerry Wilkinson’s Vintage Clothing, Shoes, Purses & Hats displayed in Master Bedroom Closet


This event has been going on for 40 years…proceeds go to Tulsa Public Schools.  We always went as a family for Mother’s Day as a tradition.  Hope you enjoy making it.

Pass this along,

Thanks, Teresa Wilkinson, RN, OMD

Path to Wellness, acupuncture, massage, spa treatment

tulsa, OK   918-494-0082

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This Mother’s Day Treat Mom to Relaxation

Moms are always putting their family first, so this year celebrate your love for her with an instant Mother’s Day gift. Better yet, join her for a relaxing day and create a special memory that she will not forget.
We offer $25 off your gift certificate for Mother!! here at the Path to Wellness, 61st & Sheridan, Tulsa, Oklahoma @www.tulsapath.com, 918-494-0082

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Maintenance Prevention with Acupuncture & Massage

We recommend at least one massage or acupuncture a month for a regular “tune up”.  Why??  Doctors are finding there is a clear link between stress and illness.  Doctors have noticed when their patients are under stress, the patients are susceptible to ulcers, heart disease, head-aches, and back aches.  Some stress can be caused from positive experiences, as well as negative, because these experiences are also demand a great deal of introspection and may cause unresolved emotional conflicts.  These unresolved conflicts are stored in the body in the form of tension.  So.. don’t hesitate to reward yourself with a treatment at the Path to Wellness in Tulsa, Oklahoma for your massage or acupuncture.

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This Mother’s Day treat Mom to relaxation

Moms are always putting their family first, so this year celebrate your love for her with an instant Mother’s Day gift. Better yet, join her for a relaxing day and create a special memory that she will not forget.

Just choose a design, personalize a message then print or email the gift instantly. It really is that simple, the ultimate gift solution.

Moms Need Stress Relief

It’s time to celebrate the blessing your mom brings to your life every day. The demands of motherhood can be overwhelming so take charge and schedule some stress relieving skin treatments for her today. By helping her set aside time for pampering you let her know just how much you appreciate her love. Schedule a skin treatment for Mom today!

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Natural Remedies

The Path to Wellness promotes natural remedies instead of facing the side effects of drugs.

What is High Blood Pressure?

Also known as: Hypertension

According to the American Heart Association, nearly one in three adults in the United States has high blood pressure. But nearly one-third of those people don’t know they have high blood pressure, because it’s a silent disease. People can have high blood pressure for years without experiencing symptoms or knowing they have it.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High blood pressure usually doesn’t cause any symptoms in the early stages. Symptoms associated with high blood pressure can include:

  • Dizziness or dizzy spells
  • Headache
  • Nosebleeds

Causes of High Blood Pressure

In most cases of high blood pressure, the American Heart Association says there is no one identifiable cause. This kind of high blood pressure is called primary hypertension or essential hypertension. It is usually a combination of factors, such as:

  • Weight. The greater your body mass, the more pressure there is on your artery walls. That’s because more blood is produced to supply oxygen and nutrients to tissues in your body.
  • Activity level. Lack of physical activity tends to increase heart rate, which forces your heart to work harder with each contraction.
  • Tobacco use. Chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco can damage artery walls.
  • Sodium intake. Excessive sodium in the diet can result in fluid retention and high blood pressure, especially in people sensitive to sodium.
  • Potassium intake. Low potassium can result in elevated sodium in cells, because the two balance one another.
  • Stress. Stress can raise blood pressure.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

    There is some evidence that the supplement CoQ10 may help to reduce high blood pressure.

  • Garlic

    In a meta-analysis of seven randomized controlled trials of garlic supplements, three trials showed a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure and four in diastolic blood pressure. Researchers concluded that garlic powder supplement may be of clinical use in patients with mild high blood pressure.

  • Hawthorn

    The herb hawthorn is often used by traditional herbal practitioners for high blood pressure.

  • Fish oil

    Preliminary studies suggest that fish oil may have a modest effect on high blood pressure. Although fish oil supplements often contain both DHA (docohexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), there is some evidence that DHA is the ingredient that lowers high blood pressure. Learn more about fish oil.

  • Folic acid

    Folate is a B vitamin necessary for formation of red blood cells. It may help to lower high blood pressure in some people, possibly by reducing elevated homocysteine levels.

So many health issues are due to stress, exercise and diet. Getting regular massage and acupuncture can drastically help stress levels and also encourage exercise and diet improvements. Motivation towards the right habits of daily living is always helpful and we all need support.

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Love Your Critics…He who heeds instruction and correction is not only himself in the way of life but also is a way of life for others.  Proverbs 10:17.  Love your critics.  Appreciate people’s correction.  Appreciate God’s correction also. Proverbs 3:12 says, “For whom the Lord loves He corrects.”

Self-discipline is the mark of maturity.  If you don’t have control of yourself in a certain area, you are undisciplined.  In that area you are not mature.  If you want to be more mature, then you must be disciplined.

Everyone has weaknesses: give thanks to God if you discover one of yours today, and trust Him to be strong in that area in your behalf.

reading from Joyce Meyers

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Positive Experience

We are proud to report from our clients this week:

Amber Vreeland…gives 5 stars..Loved it! So relaxing and enjoyable..dinally did something for myself. Hearing loss improved after acupuncture treatment with Teresa. 3.20.12

Brent..5 stars…Lea was very good in describing the treatment and making me feel relaxed by the whole experience. 3.17.12

Pam..5 stars..Tara communicated very well and provided a very good massage experience. Thank you! 3.17.12

Zachary Meeks..5 stars..Dicussion was excellent with Lea. 3.17.12

Sarah Ketcham..5stars..Teresa was awesome, great pressure/touch and intriging conversation. 3.17.12

Diana Hernandez..5 stars..I have been coming here since 1994 and have always had a great experience..Truly a great place to relax!

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Wow! If you think you’ve heard it all…Listen to what our clients are saying about us!!


Phil Rogers..3.15.12  5 stars;WOW!  Came in stiff & sore…leaving totally relaxed – thanks!

Sheila B.  3.14.12..5 star I really enjoy the acupuncture and the massage.  I get a treatment every month and both have helped me a lot.  I can’t live without my acupuncture and massage!

Arletta Arruda..3.9.12..5 star Great as always!  Keep up the good work!

Gerry..3.9.12..5 stars..lea is educational and informative! I truly have enjoyed my massage and acupuncture and is amazing.

Beth..3.8.12..Great!  Love stgeam & hot stone massage!  So Peaceful…

Sheila  2.15.12  5 stars..I think what you do here is great.  All my health problems have been hyelped.  I would recommend this to everyone.

Karri W. 2.4.12  Tara was great..Thank You!

Gary L.  2.1.12  5 stars…very good massage and would highly recommend.

Tiffany Danceel…2.3.12  5 stars..Greatly appreciated!

StacieDonceel  2.3.12  Teresa was Great ..5 stars!

Karen Sturgill   3.21.12  5 stars  Love it!  Feel awesome.

Karen F.  3.14.12 You have me spoiled …I get whole body relief with your treatment.

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Great Reviews

We have great news from our clients…hear what they have to say about us!!


Mitch Cheatham, 3.6.2012. If I could give the Path more stars, I would! This is a great place for treatment and healing of the mind, body, and soul.


Cyndi Ballard, 2.26.2012..5 stars, very relaxing! Love the hot stones and steam room too.


Arletta Arruda. 2.21.2012..5 stars, Dwight was excellent, very professional and amazing therapist.


Gloria Horton..2.15.2012 5 stars, The massage & acupuncture certainly helped the pain in ribs & back. I will recommend treatment to my friends and family.

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