Wow! If you think you’ve heard it all…Listen to what our clients are saying about us!!


Phil Rogers..3.15.12  5 stars;WOW!  Came in stiff & sore…leaving totally relaxed – thanks!

Sheila B.  3.14.12..5 star I really enjoy the acupuncture and the massage.  I get a treatment every month and both have helped me a lot.  I can’t live without my acupuncture and massage!

Arletta Arruda..3.9.12..5 star Great as always!  Keep up the good work!

Gerry..3.9.12..5 stars..lea is educational and informative! I truly have enjoyed my massage and acupuncture and is amazing.

Beth..3.8.12..Great!  Love stgeam & hot stone massage!  So Peaceful…

Sheila  2.15.12  5 stars..I think what you do here is great.  All my health problems have been hyelped.  I would recommend this to everyone.

Karri W. 2.4.12  Tara was great..Thank You!

Gary L.  2.1.12  5 stars…very good massage and would highly recommend.

Tiffany Danceel…2.3.12  5 stars..Greatly appreciated!

StacieDonceel  2.3.12  Teresa was Great ..5 stars!

Karen Sturgill   3.21.12  5 stars  Love it!  Feel awesome.

Karen F.  3.14.12 You have me spoiled …I get whole body relief with your treatment.

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